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Oestriecher Financial Management Services is a family practice that began in 1999, from a natural outgrowth of the accounting practice formed in 1970 by Emile P. Oestriecher, III, CPA (often referred to as “Mr. O”). Since inception, our firm has tried to exceed our clients’ expectations with solutions that are custom-tailored to their specific needs. Anne Oestriecher, CPA, CFP ®, joined her father in OFMS in 2009.

Wealth Management is the process of addressing concerns that impact our clients’ ability to achieve their personal, financial and family goals.  Our firm is built on the belief that only when we have a complete understanding of our clients’ needs and goals, can we recommend products and services to meet those needs.  We believe that establishing and maintaining personal relationships with our clients, combined with our knowledge and expertise in financial planning (including tax considerations), provide the best opportunity to help clients realize their dreams.

We believe that the single biggest factor to consider when choosing a Wealth Management Advisor is trust. You must feel comfortable with your advisor, so that you can be open and honest with your goals and concerns. We always have your best interests in mind. 

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